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Toothprints® was developed by a pediatric dentist who began using dental bite impressions as a way of safeguarding his own child, and other young patients. The patented thermoplastic wafer records the size and shape of a child’s teeth, the tooth position within the arch, and the relationship between upper and lower jaws.

Like fingerprints, dental imprints are unique to every person, so bite impressions serve an accurate method of identification--not even identical twins have the same bite characteristics. A Toothprints® impression also captures saliva, which is a powerful source of human scent, thus making the wafer effective for scent-dog tracking. The saliva also provides a DNA sample, which further enhances its identification properties.

The Toothprints® process is simple: the dentist softens the wafer in a water bath, and instructs the child to bite down. The imprinted wafer is then placed in a reclosable bag, which is included with the package, and the name of the child and date of impression are written on this bag. Then, parents are instructed to place the Toothprints® bag in their freezer, to ensure that the DNA does not degrade. Toothprints is stored in the freezer indefinitely, and only removed if a child is missing. At that time, the wafer can be given to the police for identification purposes.

Each Toothprints® package contains 1 wafer, a freezer-safe storage bag, and complete instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: For your child's oral safety, Toothprints
® should not be done at home, but taken to your dentist during your child's next appointment.