Child Identification for Businesses

Strengthen community ties!

For 20 years, we have assisted large Fortune 500 companies, as well as
small local and home businesses to distribute our products in their communities.

Nearly every industry, including insurance agencies, restaurants, pediatric dental offices,
martial arts academies, car dealerships, pharmacies, banks, opticians, summer camps,
supermarkets, and law offices, have demonstrated their commitment to children, by handing out
our kits at in-store child safety promotions, during fairs and other neighborhood events,
at school presentations, at grand openings, to employees, and for many other goodwill purposes.

Our products are universally useful for, and applicable to, all companies and the communities they serve.

Businesses trust and utilize our kits to:

1. Help their communities by providing parents with essential resources that impart
peace of mind, and encourage empowering safety discussions with their children

Professionally promote and advertise their products and services, by choosing to
customize the cover of our ChildPrint ID Kit with their logo and contact information.

Our Custom ChildPrint ID Kit is a high quality product that makes your business stand out and shine, and has lasting value for parents and children.

Customizing our ChildPrint ID Kit is easy and inexpensive!

Please visit the Custom ChildPrint ID Kit page for more information, or give us a call at 1-888-972-7232, to speak with a product specialist.

Custom Kits for Businesses

Our Products

ChildPrint ID Kit®

A comprehensive booklet which stores fingerprints, photo, medical and dental records, DNA, and much more


Custom ChildPrint®

Our ChildPrint ID Kit custom printed with your logo, a high quality, professionally printed promotional safety product


ChildPrint ID Card

A laminated identification card that enables parents to keep their child's personal information in their wallet


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