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The ChildPrint ID Card™ enables parents, guardians, babysitters, grandparents, daycare providers, and other designated caregivers to carry a child's detailed personal information, photograph, and thumbprint in their wallet. If the child is missing, the card can instantly be given to the police to assist in recovery. ChildPrint ID Cards have also been used as a form of travel identification, and children can carry the card in their backpack, for extra protection.


Each ChildPrint ID Card™ is individually packaged and contains:

  1. A non-toxic fingerprinting ink strip for your child's thumbprint
  2. A 12 mil. (sturdy) clear self-lamination pouch, no heat is required
  3. A 3.25" x 2" ChildPrint ID Card™ which records complete contact, physical, and medical information, parents'/guardians' contact information, and release signature, plus an adhesive tab to firmly secure a small photo
  4. Complete instructions. After you fill out the card, you simply place it in the pouch, remove the backing and seal. It's instantly laminated and ready to store in your wallet

PLEASE NOTE: The card is filled out by hand, and not typed. The information in the photos is typed for clarity, and is not demonstrative of how your child's card will look when completed.

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25 cards: $2.00 each plus $8 shipping
50 cards: $1.50 each plus $10 shipping
100-400 cards: $.95 each, plus $15-$22 shipping*
500-900 cards: $.92 each, plus $24-$33 shipping*
1000-1900 cards: $.88 each plus $36-$62 shipping*
2000-2250 cards: $.85 each plus $66-$72 shipping*
2500 cards: $.82 each plus $80 shipping*
5000 cards: $.79 each plus Freight shipping (please call)
10,000 cards: $.75 each plus Freight shipping (please call)
cards: $.72 each plus Freight shipping (please call)
cards: $.68 each plus Freight shipping (please call)

*Shipping costs can be higher, depending on delivery location

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