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For over 26 years, we have been dedicated to supporting child safety, and have assisted millions of parents
who have purchased or received our products within the USA and abroad.

We value every customer, do our best to provide exemplary customer service, and welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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Our Beginnings

Our company, First Impressions, was incorporated in 1998.

As parents concerned about our own children's safety, our first product was an identification booklet which stored a detailed record of a child's personal and medical information, and could be given to the police in case of emergency. As interest in our booklet developed, our desire to help as many parents and children as possible did as well, and we expanded our services to include educational information to assist with abduction prevention.

In 1999, we created YourSafeChild.com to distribute our booklets and to discuss the importance of child identification and protection.

The ChildPrint ID Kit®

In November 2000, we completely redesigned and enhanced our child identification booklet, and branded it the ChildPrint ID Kit ®. It has since become our anchor product, with millions sold nationwide.

ChildPrint® is well-known, well-respected, and recommended by law enforcement officers, and has been used by not only parents and police, but as a part of many national child safety promotional programs, sponsored by large corporations, such as Brink's Security, Mutual of Omaha, Subway, and Good Neighbor Pharmacies.

We work with many companies and organizations to distribute our kits year round, as they demonstrate community involvement and goodwill.

The ChildPrint ID Card

In September 2001, we introduced the ChildPrint ID Card™, a self-laminating, easy to create at home, wallet-sized photo and personal information card.

The ChildPrint ID Card™ is about the size of a driver's license, portable, yet comprehensive, providing detailed, immediately accessible information. The card is designed to be carried by parents, guardians, and caregivers, and many parents also purchase the card to use as child travel identification, and place the cards in their children's backpacks for extra protection.


In April 2003, we included Toothprints®, an advanced means of child identification and protection, to our product line.

Toothprints® records a child's dental characteristics for use in identification, and has won international acclaim for its unique ability to preserve DNA from saliva. Toothprints® wafers are not only purchased by dental offices, but by police departments, college programs, and individually by parents, for completion at their child's dental appointment. Due to changes in the product, we discontinued selling Toothprints ® in 2019.

Corporate Growth

Our company has steadily grown since its inception, and we moved to our current location in 2004, to help expand our production and shipping capabilities. We work Monday-Sunday printing, assembling, packing, and shipping orders, and answering customer inquiries via phone and email, often late into the evening.

In 2014, we were recognized and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and given an A+ status. Many thanks goes to our staff, our suppliers, and most especially our customers who have supported our products, thank you!

We remain dedicated to assisting those who see the importance of child protection, as a larger vision of not only locally helping parents and children to live more securely and empowered, but extending globally to all families as well.

Child safety education starts in the home, and we are honored to help with this important mission.

Special Mention

From 2001-2013, most of our kits were assembled by a group of wonderful people at United Cerebral Palsy of Philadelphia. These dedicated individuals are credited with our ability to produce and to ship millions of products, and will always be deeply appreciated by everyone at First Impressions. Although they closed their program, we will always recognize UCP as a partner, as without their expertise, commitment, and professionalism, our company would not be what it is today. Thank you to everyone at UCP!

From 2013-2015, our production facility was located at Baker Industries in Malvern, PA, where clients of all levels of abilities assembled our products, and we are grateful for their assistance then, and their current support with our palletized orders that are shipped around the country.

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