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ChildPrint ID Kit Quantity Purchases

ChildPrint ID Kit Quantity Purchases

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For quantities over 2500, please call us at 1-888-972-7232.

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The ChildPrint ID Kit® assists parents in easily creating a confidential and extremely comprehensive record of their child’s personal and medical information, to keep at home for use in an emergency. When a child is missing, first few hours are crucial to recovery. During this very emotional time, parents often search for current photos and cannot always remember their child’s most basic characteristics. ChildPrint® enables parents to immediately give police a complete and accurate description, saving precious time, and hastening the search. In addition, ChildPrint® includes two pages of important safety tips that parents can teach their children, because education is essential to helping kids to avoid dangerous situations.


Each fully assembled 8-panel, 6.5" x 4.5" (folded) kit is individually packaged in a heavy gauge clear, protective plastic sleeve, and contains:

  1. A 1" x 5" non-toxic fingerprinting ink strip
  2. A heavy gauge freezer-safe bag for a DNA hair sample or cheek swabs
  3. Space to record complete contact, personal, medical, and physical information
  4. Space to store a 4" x 6" photograph
  5. A 10-finger fingerprint chart
  6. Dental charts for permanent and baby teeth
  7. Two pages of essential educational safety tips
Available in English and Spanish versions

Quantity Pricing:

25 kits: $2.50 each plus $10 shipping
50 kits: $1.50 each plus $12 shipping
100-400 kits: $.99 each, plus $16-$26 shipping*
500-900 kits: $.94 each, plus $29-$40 shipping*
1000-1900 kits: $.89 each plus $42-$95 shipping*
2000-2250 kits: $.85 each plus $105-$125 shipping*
2500 kits: $.82 each plus $135 shipping*
5000 kits: $.80 each plus Freight shipping (please call)
10,000 kits: $.75 each
plus Freight shipping (please call)
25,000 kits: $.72 each
plus Freight shipping (please call)
50,000 kits: $.68 each
plus Freight shipping (please call)

*Shipping costs can be higher, depending on delivery location

Note: If there is a quantity you need that is not listed, please call us. We can ship any amount.

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